Download data: Matrix structure

The matrix structure packs the relevant measurements from an experiment in a series of one, two or three dimensional arrays.

Compatible file types

Matrix structure data is currently available in the .mat file type. Read more about mat and how to import it here.


One dimension

In this case the variables are vectors. Their content and length depends on the type of task, see below. If data for multiple participants or tasks was selected, these are in separate vectors, with the stimulus and/or task name in the name of the vector, for instance confidence_JohnSmith. An array with stimulus names is provided, stimuli.

Two dimensions

The first dimensions corresponds to the participations, the second to the stimuli. An additional array with participation IDs is provided, participation_ids.

Three dimensions

The first dimensions corresponds to the tasks, the second to the participations, the third to the stimuli. An additional array with task names is provided, e.g. dragrate_tasks.

Downloads by task type and dimensions
1D 2D 3D
Multiple Arrangement - -


These are the matrix variables contained by task type:

  • propertyWhere the stimuli were placed on the y-axis. Values between 0 (bottom) and 1 (top).
  • confidenceWhere the stimuli were placed on the x-axis. Values between 0 (left) and 1 (right).
Multiple Arrangement
  • rdmutvThis is the upper triangular vector of pairwise dissimilarities using Euclidian distance.


The three dimensional matrix structure displayed in an Octave terminal. This experiment has 6 participants, 35 dragrate tasks, and 345 stimuli.

>> load "Meadows_MyStudy_3D.mat"
>> whos
Variables in the current scope:

   Attr Name                   Size                     Bytes  Class
   ==== ====                   ====                     =====  =====
        confidence            35x6x345                 579600  double
        dragrate_tasks        35x41                      1435  char
        participation_ids      6x24                       144  char
        property              35x6x345                 579600  double
        stimuli              345x27                      9315  char

Total is 155794 elements using 1170094 bytes

>> dragrate_tasks
dragrate_tasks =