Download data: Table structure

The table structure is a simple format with rows and columns.

Compatible file types

Table structure data is currently available in the .csv file type, in which each cell is separated by a comma. Read more about csv and how to import it here.


Data for the Dynamic Form task can be structured as a table, with the columns corresponding to selected fields in the task's parameters. A column called pid is added with the participant IDs. Each row represents one participation.


Table with 4 participants' data for a Dynamic Form task with fields avatar, country, gender, handedness, language and race.

	pid	                        avatar	            country gender  handedness	language	race
0	59844b014eae351467ba73dc	jasper_square.jpg   NL	    m	    r	        nl	        IC1
1	597b191f4eae355335012612	                    AF	    m	    r	        aa	        IC1
2	59789bd24eae3553337f112a	FL_selfie.jpeg      GB	    f	    r	        en	        IC1
3	5971a8b94eae355332f9e447                            CA	    m       r	        fr	        IC1