behavioural experiments made easy


Surveys & Labeling

  • Dynamic Form

    Form with simple survey-style questions

  • Stimulus Form

    Survey-style form repeated for each stimulus

  • Label

    Each stimulus is given a description.

Rating & Similarity

  • Multi Arrangement

    The relationship between stimuli, such as their similarity, is indicated by their proximity

  • Drag & Rate

    Stimuli are given a rating and associated confidence, by dragging them to a position

  • Card Sorting

    A category is chosen for each stimulus by placing it in the corresponding zone

  • Triplet Choice

    One of three presented stimuli is chosen as the odd one out

  • Order Sort

    Drag & drop stimuli to place them in order

  • Match-to-Sample

    Which of two stimuli matches the target

  • Gallery Select

    Stimulus is picked from several displayed

  • Category Induction

    A category is chosen for each stimulus by placing it in the corresponding circle

  • Preference Elicitation

    Voting among stimulus options

Rapid Serial Visual Presentation

  • Cued Imagery

    One of two stimuli is retro-cued to be imagined, and the vividness rated

  • Timed Keyboard Response

    Presents each stimulus, and records the reaction time of a keyboard response.

  • Attentional Blink

    An RSVP paradigm where an item following another may be masked

  • Visual Search

    Participant selects the target among a number of distractors

Checks & Calibration

  • Virtual Chinrest

    Determine viewing distance

  • Card Measure

    Determine the size of the screen

  • Audio Volume Check

    Ask the participant to adjust sound level and test threshold

  • Cambridge Face Memory Test

    Measure participant's ability to memorize face identities

  • General Information

    Page with instructions for the participant

  • Consent Form

    Ask the participant to agree to terms

  • Slideshow

    Display media one by one

  • File Upload

    Ask the participant for a file


Pre-Configured Paradigms

  • Vividness of Visual Imagery Questionnaire

    16 items where the participant considers the mental image formed in thinking about specific scenes and situations.

  • Cambridge Face Perception Test

    Sort 6 faces according to their similarity to a reference face (Duchaine et al., 2007)

  • Old / New Horse Recognition Test

    Old/New recognition test with horses (Duchaine & Nakayama, 2005)

  • Cambridge Car Memory Test

    CFMT equivalent with cars (Dennet et al., 2012)

  • Cambridge Body Memory Test

    CFMT equivalent with bodies (Susilo et al., 2015)

  • Cambridge Bicycle Memory Test

    CFMT equivalent with bicycles (Dalrymple et al., 2012)


  • PsychoJS

    Import your PsychoPy / PsychoJS code

  • Your Task

    We can build your custom paradigm. Contact us for details.


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