Custom recruitment configuration

This page describes how to configure a new Batch of participants for an advanced setup, or other recruitment systems for which we don't have a specific template. You can read more about recruitment and batches in general on this page.

Entry URL

After having configured and comfirmed your batch, you'll enter this on your recruitment service, or share it with your participants.

Entry variables

With these so-called query parameters you can store metadata about your participant gathered with the recruitment service or by modifying participant's invitation link. Find some examples below

When using REDcap, this will store the Participant's identifier for forwarding later.

Entry options

requires Meadows login
With this option turned on, the participant can only enter after registering and logging in with a Meadows account. We recommend this for longer experiments where the participants may be logged out when taking a break. This however may result in losing incoming query parameters.
store referring page
This will store the URL of the page where the participant came from when they entered Meadows. This may be useful to resolve recruitment issues, but in would require the participant's consent as this may contain sensitive and/or personal information.

Exit URL

Here you should paste the URL of the page where you'd like your participant to go when they are done on Meadows.

Exit variables

This modifies the completion (exit) URL so that the receiving site can store these.

This would forward the participant's anonymous token back to a REDcap site.
This would forward the participant's meadows nickname.

Exit page

These are features of the final page on Meadows that the participant will see when they finish your experiment:

display exit link (recommended)
This will show a large green button that links back to the Exit URL defined above.
display completion code (NOT recommended)
This will be empty for custom template-using batches
display meadows alias
This will display the Meadows nickname (of the form "adjective-animal") on the final page, which may further help in your troubleshooting communication with the participant.
automatically forward to exit link (recommended)
If this is selected, after 4 seconds on the thank you page, the participant's browser will take them to the Exit URL defined above.