Integrate with REDCap

This page describes how to configure a new Batch of participants that will be recruited through your institution's REDCap service. You can read more about recruitment and batches in general on this page.

Entry URL

After having configured and comfirmed your batch, you'll enter this on REDCap.

Entry variables

With these so-called query parameters you can store metadata about your participant from REDCap with your Meadows data. This is not required but can help to link the participants identities.

Add this variable to store the participant's REDCap ID on Meadows.
This is a special variable through which you can carry a return address. If the url contained in the parameter corresponds to the base domain you entered as Exit URL below, the participant will be given a link back to that page.

Exit URL

Here you should paste the REDCap address of your study, or if you use the exitUrl Entry variable, just the domain of your REDCap instance.

Exit page

These are features of the final page on Meadows that the participant will see when they finish your experiment:

display exit link (recommended)
This will show a large green button that links back to REDCap.
display meadows alias
This will display the Meadows nickname (of the form "adjective-animal") on the final page, which may further help in your troubleshooting communication with the participant.
automatically forward to exit link (recommended)
If this is selected, after 4 seconds on the thank you page, the participant's browser will take them back to REDCap.