Drag-rate Task

With the drag-rate task, you can get one-dimensional property ratings along with the participant's confidence for that rating.


Instruction hint
This will be displayed on the screen during the task. Max 80 characters
Extended instruction
Shown when the user hovers over the hint. Max 500 characters
Show shadows
Select to show a "shadow" originating from each stimulus, visualizing the participant's confidence spread. default=True
Item Size
Height of the stimuli in % of the width of the field. Default 8%. Must be between 2% and 20%. The width is adapted according to the original aspect ratio of the image.
Confidence scale label
Default: "Confidence". Max 50 characters.
Confidence scale mininum value label
Max 70 characters.
Confidence scale maximum value label
Max 70 characters.
X-axis bar
Show a bar for the x-axis. Deselected by default.
Property scale label
E.g. "Pleasantness". Max 50 characters.
Property scale minimum value label
E.g. "Not pleasant at all". Max 70 characters.
Property scale maximum value label
E.g. "Very pleasant". Max 70 characters.