PsychoPy / PsychoJS task

With this task you can run your PsychoPy Builder experiment online

Export your PsychoPy experiment to PsychoJS

Open your experiment in the PsychoPy builder. In the File menu, select Export HTML... and select a place to store it.

Create a ZIP archive for the HTML

Browse to the place that you selected and look for a directory named html. Make a zip file for this directory. How you do this depends on your operating system, but in most cases, right-click the html folder and select compress.

Create a PsychoJS task and upload your archive

On Meadows, create a new task of type PsychoJS, and you'll see the option to import your zip file. After it has finished uploading, give it a go with Preview.
There's currently a limit to the size of the zip file of 500MB, but if you want to use something larger please let us know.

Download results

You can either dig through the results stored in the tree/json file, or download the events/log file.